Current Projects

Proof Works

Atlanta Centre for Disease Control

ProofWorks is one of three tools being developed under  HealthCommWorks. This website is a placeholder so you will have to stay tuned for further announcements. CDC is providing some pre-release information at their August 2012 national conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media, as they did last year.

It is not my place to describe the tools, but I can salute the diligent approach to using the vast amount of knowledge in and outside CDC to fuel these tools. Further, I know these tools will offer sound practical advice, and be presented in a very accessible manner.

For myself, I am delighted to be working on the specifications and underlying logic for the evaluation tool. In 2004, I traveled to Atlanta and demonstrated my ideas for an Online Evaluation Support System.  Seven years later, I was thrilled to get the call to join the Proof Works team.

TACTICC (Tailored Aid for Communities adapting Tested Interventions for Cancer Control)

University of Texas (Houston).

This project is a five-year collaborative project headed by two co-investigators, Drs. Patricia Mullen and Maria Fernandez, with numerous other partners.  It’s overall purpose is to increase the capacity of cancer control planners to find, adapt and implement Evidence Based Approaches (EBAs) in their communities. The project includes the development of an online tool, widespread support during implementation, and a sophisticated evaluation by principals at Emory University.

Larry Hershfield & Associates, Ltd. is contracted to develop the  online application.

For this project, I am joined by Jodi Thesenvitz (JT Consulting) and Steve Kingston and his team at MediaDoc Inc.

I am very excited about the opportunity to build a tool that is based on:  extensive field experience by our colleagues,  very substantial resource including the seminal text Planning Health Promotion Programs: An Intervention Mapping Approach (Bartholomew et al; 3rd edition); ongoing rich evaluation processes.

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