CDC’s Gateway

They call it a gateway to Health Communication and Social Marketing Practice, and it surely is an entrance, starting point, platform, launchpad (ideally not a rabbit hole or a gangplank)  to a teeming intellectual garden of resources.

Have you seen those ironic web pages proclaiming “You have  reached the last page of the Internet. Now go outside and play!”

I doubt you will reach the last page of this site, however you will enjoy the journey. Start here.

Visualization methods

If you like using visuals such as Venn Diagrams, mind maps, and charts of various kinds, you will love learning about 72 methods displayed in the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. Just before posting this, I took a look at the family of Metaphor Visualization; the Heaven ‘n’ Hell map intrigued me.

I was delighted to find this elegant catalogue of visualizations methods a few years , and the interactive version provides interesting examples of each, using rollovers.  Lengler and Eppler hold the copyright, and a simple search leads you their original paper explaining the various categories.  See the table here.