Good stuff about media advocacy including the THCU Media Advocacy Workbook

A lot has changed since 2000, but a lot has stayed the same.

Including the basic principles of media advocacy, laid out in a logical sequence of steps.

To that end, I have uploaded the original THCU workbook. THCU 2000 Media Advocacy Workbook

We created that workbook based on the work of Lori Dorfman and Phil Wilbur who facilitated our first Media Advocacy workshop (it was in the 1990’s and feels like a century ago !).

For more recent and more extensive works, I recommend the links to some really good resources from the Mother Ship (Berkeley Media Studies Group), and others:

  • Working Upstream: Skills for Social Change. While on the BSMG site, check out the blog, and a raft of useful resources !!

  • Making Data Talk (the PDF is a summary of a much longer book; see Chapter 7)

  • The challenge of evaluating complex interventions: a framework for evaluating media advocacy.

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