The Wealth Paradox

In response to a query from me as to what NCCDH was doing to promote this series, my colleague Pemma Muzumdar created the following; she also encouraged me, and I encourage you to join their Discussions online about related topics. Here is what she created:

It’s great to see this kind of coverage by the Globe and Mail. The overching series is actually one on leadership in Canada called Our Time to Lead. There have been a number of features including Genome, Immigration, Education, and now… Our time to lead: The Wealth paradox

I particularly appreciate that the series presents concrete policy options, and explains them with related articles. Readers are then asked to vote on a policy option that they think provides a solution to the growing “income gap” problem. See 1b below.

1) Polls

  1. Very quick poll “Are you concerned about this topic”
  1. More “meaty” poll: Vote for one of six policy options  to solve the “income gap” (A – F below)

A) Restore fairness in our tax system

B) Emulate Germany’s approach to skills training

C) Create a new social contract

D) Enhance Early Childhood Education

E) Do nothing, there’s no major problem

F) Boost support for the working poor

2)  Graphics, videos etc

This page contains videos, infographics, and related links on various topics

3) Articles

  1. How income inequality hurts every Canadian’s chance of building a better life
  1. Crusader Robert Reich turns a lens on U.S. income inequality
  1. What growing income inequality is costing Canada’s future generations
  1. It’s time to restore fairness in Canada’s tax system
  1. Benefits and pension for all: Why Canada needs a new social contract
  1. This refundable tax credit could reduce income inequality
  1. Canada needs to improve access to trades training
  1. How globalization has left the 1 per cent even further ahead
  1. Wealth begets health: Why universal medical care only goes so far (note: this is the one that really made the rounds on social media – probably b/c it’s by Andre Picard and he has a wide following)


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