Canadian Best Practices Portal user survey

I am inviting you to provide input on some future changes to the Canadian Best Practices Portal  (CBPP). More specifically, we are seeking comments on a number of ways we might illustrate or display in icons a proposed rating system for Best Practice Interventions.

I am part of a small group under contract to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s   Canadian Best Practices Initiative to do this and related work. If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Agency’s CBPP manager, Nina Jetha at

If you are willing, please use the files inserted as part of this post. This CBPP questionnaire .may  is a large file because of the seven visuals; if you have issues downloading this file, you might want to use the CBPP questionnaire .may visuals for your responses and the PDFCBPP questionnaire .may only as a separate document for your reference point.

Please return the questionnaire as an email attachment by end of day, Wednesday, May 22.

I think you might find the questionnaire and the options for visual illustration of the proposed ratings interesting, and hopefully it is clear and concise.

As you would expect, we are being very careful about privacy and confidentiality. Your email address was randomly selected from the CBPP e-news subscribers list. No other information has been provided to us about you.  If you return the questionnaire, your comments will be reviewed and/or entered without reference to your email address. We will be writing a brief report, summarizing the answers received, again with no identifying information. We will not disclose whether or not you replied.

Thanking you in advance for your participation.

Larry Hershfield

554 Rushton Road, Toronto,ON M6C 2Y5

(416) 658-1486

(647) 393-1486 (cell)

About Larry Hershfield
I have been developing innovative services and products for the public health community since 1975.

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