CDC’s MessageWorks now live

CDC’s MessageWorks is one of three tools proposed for HealthCommWorks, and as its name implies, it focuses on important message characteristics. In a series of seven easy steps, you define your situation, craft a message, and get a numerical score for that message, as well as recommendations to improve the message.  You can do this multiple times, saving them to an account as you wish.

You can see this for yourselves at the following site:

Two things I really like are:

– the fact you can create multiple versions of the “same” basic message, and see how it scores AND/OR see how effective a given message might be with different audiences !

– to do the above, you need a sophisticated algorithm in the background, and in this instance, it is based on a meta-analysis by Keller and Lehmann (2008) – Dr. Keller also appears in a series of instructional videos within MessageWorks.

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