Larry Hershfield & Associates has been providing service to organizations  in Ontario, Canada, Europe and South America since 1991.

We have focused on two main areas:

– the first is the development of programs and related supports

  • mostly aimed at health promotion practitioners
  • resources and tools that build individual, organizational and community-capacity
  • from paper and pencil checklists to online interactive intelligent decision support tools
  • support through training events to online learning modules, webcasts and other aids
  • built on careful needs assessments, detailed specifications, careful development, usability testing
  • quality implementation and evaluation for continuous quality improvement

– the second is strategic planning and research

  • carefully planned, executed, and evaluated
  • primary and secondary information gathering
  • to drive important decision-making

I look forward to talking with you, learning from each other, and working together to make the world a better, healthier place. Until then, I hope you enjoy the site.